Thursday, December 8, 2016

4th & 5th grade Blended Candy Canes

4th & 5th grade 

Blended Candy Canes

As 5th graders are finishing their one point perspective pictures, they can start on a fun project that involves blending, and using one of my favorite mediums, oil pastels. 

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make them!

Crayola oil pastels
(I like the 28 pack because they are more color blending options!)
Candy Cane tracers
9x12" Tru-Ray Construction paper

Trace or draw a candy cane shape

Add curved lines, because a candy cane is round!

Draw a white line down the middle of your candy cane with an oil pastel. Our favorite is Crayola's oil pastels.
Color side to side to make that white line wider.
Add your darker colors on either side of your lighter colors. If you get out of the lines, it's ok! Make sure you're coloring side to side, and not up and down!
Go back with your lighter colors, and white, and blend to make a more gradual change in value.
Cut it out and glue it to a new piece of paper!

Thanks Katie Mallette for this awesome idea!

Here are some fabulous 5th & 4th examples!


Lucia 5th

Kalina 5th

Jordan 5th

Holly & Heather 5th
Alana & Bonny 5th
Jayla 5th

Megan & Abigail 5th

Ezekial, Brianna, & 

Madeline 4th

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