Monday, January 29, 2018

Kindergarten Exploding Hearts

Today,  Kindergarten is finishing up their lil snowy owls, and we had a little extra time to start another project before class was over. So I decided we could make these heart chalk rubbings.
Here's how we created them!

This week 4th has been working on an artwork to create the Northern Lights project, using white paper and chalk, on black paper, so I thought we could use the same technique used in that project to create a quick and cute Valentine’s Day project for kindergarten!

Sax Chalk Pastels 
Tru-Ray black construction paper
scrap paper for hearts
Fiskar Scissors
Red Painted paper (if you want to add the positive and negative space hearts)

 As they were finishing their owls, I cut out some hearts using scrap paper, passed out black paper and chalk, and then demonstrated how to do the project.
You color the edge of the heart, with a thick layer of chalk, hold the heart in place on the black paper, and use your fingertip to rub in an outward motion.

The kids thought this was so neat, and couldn’t wait to try! We really had to focus on making sure the heart doesn’t move while you’re rubbing it, but after they got the hang of it, they were on a roll. We didn’t finish before class was over, but now we have a new project to finish, next time they come to art. They said it looked like they were “heart explosions”, so the name stuck.

Stay tuned for some awesome art!! 

Here are some cuties from Mrs. Susong's class!

Here's some excellent examples from Mrs. Campbell's class!
They had time to add some painted paper to their art! We worked on our cutting skills, and created a pop art look by cutting out our hearts!

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