Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3rd grade Spring Flowers

Last week 3rd grade started this fun, colorful Spring work of art! I've been cruising around the internet for new ideas, and came across this one from The ARtcart, and thought that would be a fun way to practice our drawing, painting, cutting, coloring, and composition skills, all in one project! 
Here's how we created our own!
Day 1: Discuss project, show examples of flowers, and demo how to draw different types of flowers. I ask, are these flowers perfect, photographs of flowers? They say, Noooooo, and I agree...& remind them you don't have to create a perfect flower or flowers, or copy a flower that already exists, you can make up your own! Just draw big, so you can trace it with an oil pastel, and so that it will show up on your paper. I get them to draw their flowers and vase out with a pencil, and then trace with a black pastel. By the time most of them complete this, it's time to clean and go. (We have 45 minute classes) I had 3 people, who always finish early, get to the painting stage that day.
(don't forget to sketch out leaves!)

Day 2: Paint your flowers, and start your background. I used Sax liquid watercolors for this part. ( I also used Sax 90 lb 12x18 paper)
I used oil pastels to draw out my table, and to add decorations to my table. (We drew this together btw)

Day 3: Cut them out and glue them on! 

 I will have the kids "arrange" their flowers before they just dive into glueing. 

If all the leaves and petals aren't sticking down, I don't mind. I kind of like the 3-dish effect!

Stay tuned for some awesome art!


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  1. Did the students draw their vase and flowers on regular sulphite paper or watercolor paper? What size paper for the drawings and background?

  2. Hi! Sorry, I should've included that in the post! We used 90 lb sulphite paper, my go to for painted projects! Both pieces are 12x18" :)