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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

4th Grade Fall or Winter Birch Trees

This week 4th grade will start their fall birch tree painting! We create these by using....

12x18 90lb paper
little pieces of cardboard
and tempera cakes for the leaves and grass

Day 1: We will look at photos of birch trees online, and talk about the texture of the bark and really examine what these birch trees really look like. I'll demonstrate how to drag the cardboard and black paint across the paper to create this unique bark texture. The students will get a piece of practice paper first, will practice creating these trees until they get the hang of it, and then they'll get their final piece of paper to create their painting on. 
Here's a picture of how to get started. If you're right handed, swipe your cardboard to the right. Vice versa if you're left handed. I create one side, and then flip my paper around to create the other side of the tree. This makes things so much easier! 

Here's what the students should finish on Day 1

Day 2: We'll add branches with Sharpies, and paint leaves and grass with our tempera cakes! 

Here's what they have finished so far! 

These guys and girls are off to a great start!! 

You can also change the background up to accommodate for any season. Here's a different arrangement, with snow and sunset colors in the background!