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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

4th & 5th grade Jen Aranyi inspired Winter Landscapes

We're almost there folks! Just 1.5 days left until Christmas break!! The kids have actually been great, thanks to fun new projects like this one! I was scrolling through Instagram, Ahem... (I mean Collaborating with my fellow Ahht teachers) when I came across an awesome looking lesson inspired by the one and only, Cassie Stephens, and the ever so talented Art Room Britt. They had been doing the fabulous looking Jen Aranyi inspired landscapes with their classes, so naturally I had to try it with mine! Y'all....They have been turning out great, and they were so excited to try it. They loved watching the artist's time lapse videos, and we just amazed with her beautiful work! 


Day 1: Introduce them to Jen Aranyi's work, show other 4th grade examples from Cassie Stephens' and Art Room Britt's page, and get to work! 
First we taped off our paper, and drew out our snowy landscape.

 Then we started adding details to our mountains, by adding lines!

Then, we talked about how to make little trees in the background, so they look far away, and put bigger trees in the foreground to make them appear like they are larger and closer!
btw, after they painted their sky, I sprinkled salt on their paint to create a neat texture. 

Here are some of my 4th graders, really hard at work!

Stay tuned for some more awesome art!

We loved this project so much, 5th is going to try it too!
They'll be doing a different shape, but same concept! I made some videos this time, to show my students how to do it! I think they pay attention to me on YouTube better than actual me! Haha!
Day 1: Students will tape their border, draw their mountains, and start painting their background. When I recorded this, my sky was already dry. I used liquid watercolors and salt.
Here's some pics of the background.

Here's a time lapse video of me drawing the trees

Here's how you finish your art!