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Monday, January 7, 2019

2nd grade Polar Bears

Welcome back! So glad to see all of you! This week, 2nd grade is going to be starting this cute lil polar bear, inspired by the fabulous Lauralee Chambers! Here's a link to her Insta account, if you want to check her out (which ya should!) @2art.chambers 
Here's how we created ours!

Day 1: Look at images of Polar Bears, and sketch out our own! 
Here's a video of me drawing it out, that I'll show my students. Feel free to show yours as well!

Here's the link to the video in case it doesn't work.
How to draw a polar bear for kids

After we draw the polar bear, we'll add the black oil pastel outline, and smudge it with our fingers to create shading or Value!

If we have time we'll move onto painting our background using the white pastel for snow flakes, and watercolors to paint with.

The example on the left is painted with Crayola watercolors. For more vibrant colors you can use the liquid watercolors!

We'll cut out our bear and glue it to our background, after our sky dries

If you want, you could use black paper, and add the aurora borealis in the background, like we do in another project
Here's the how to video. (Sorry my thumbnail is sideways!)

Stay tuned for some awesome art!