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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

2nd grade Ugly Sweater Bears

Here's another great idea from Art Room Britt! Their bears looked so fun and cute, I thought they'd be a great thing to do with just a few days left until break! I did these with 2nd grade (normally our rowdiest grade besides 5th) and they were quiet as church mice!! That's unheard of, this time of year! They loved drawing out the bears and adding the details to their sweater! Each one was cute, and unique!
Here's how we created ours!
9x12" 80lb paper
Crayola markers
Mr. Sketch markers
Sharpie markers

Day 1: Show them examples of other children their age on the Art Room Britt's page, and then do a little directed drawing with them to draw out their bear. We did the shoulders first, added the round head, added the ears, drew the muzzle and face, and lastly added the stripes for the sweater! We looked at different lines, and patterns, and then they added their own to their bear! I also demonstrated how to add the furry lines to the face and ears. 

Here's some great ones from Mrs. Dimas' class!
Great job friends!

Here are some cuties from Mrs. Fitch's class!

Good job Mrs. Black's class!

Stay tuned for more awesome art!